April 2014

  • The Library's Yearbook Collection is a Trip Down Memory Lane
    Caprice DiLiello, Acting Manager of the Maryland Department
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Remember that awful perm you had in 11th grade? Do you still think about your favorite high school teacher and know that you could never have passed calculus without her help? And what about that old flame ...more
  • Libraries Serving Nonprofits: A Grants Collection Story
    By Paul Chasen
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    As individuals, we have our various reasons for visiting a public library: borrow a copy of the latest James Patterson novel, find the required amount of articles for your research assignment, or meet ...more
  • The Poetry Contest Winner: 'Responsibility'
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 4/12/2014
    Happy National Poetry Month! May all of us have an April full of wonderful poems, new and old. One wonderful new poem we're celebrating at the Library is "Responsibility" by Mya Green, the winner of our ...more