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A Reader's Dozen: Twelve More Reviews from Adult Summer Reading Participants

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By Shaileen B.

Here are 12 terrific book reviews from participants in our Adult Summer Reading program:

The Martian3Kaleb M. (Central Library) on The Martian by Andy Weir: "It was awesome! I hope the upcoming movie does it justice. For both the analytical and adventurous, The Martian is an almost how-to-guide for survival on Mars given you were ever stranded there!"

Dominic F. (Central Library) on The Legend of Caleb York by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins: "Collins took an unmade movie screenplay written by Spillane for John Wayne and turned it into this classic Western. It's not the real West, but if you loved the shoot 'em ups of old TV and movie Westerns this page-turner is for you."

Melody H. (Central Library) on The Girl I Used To Know by Marla Majewski: "This book helped me reconnect with myself. Taught me techniques to help me get back to who I was before I got bogged down with bills, life, kids and all the things that detract you from your dreams."

Cecilia A. (Forest Park Branch) on Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan: "This was the funniest book I've read in a long time. Actually, maybe the funniest book I ever read. There were parts of this book that made me laugh so hard, my eyes started watering and I couldn't read the next sentence. The book chronicles Jim, his wife Jeannie, and their five children. Jim is the youngest of six and Jeannie is the oldest of nine. So, they have experience with big families; but living in a two-bedroom, fifth-floor walk-up in NYC adds quite a bit of spice to the 'adventure.' His view of the world, especially under those circumstances, is hilarious. You will love this book--guaranteed!!!"

EscapeSarah B. (Govans Branch) on Escape from Assisted Living by Joyce Hicks: "It was light and frothy with serious undertones. I read it in an afternoon. How we treat our aging parents - like children - and Betty breaks free. It's a fairy tale but as long as there's breath, life can be exciting. Elderly is only an adjective."

Lorna C. (Govans Branch) on Hell Gate by Linda Fairstein: "A great murder mystery interspersed with humor and interesting information on NYC's historic mansions."

Blanie G. (Herring Run Branch) on Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron: "The book kept you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. Monsters of all kinds trying to live the life of humans. Frankenstein, his bride, and their son were the main characters. Great book! I enjoyed it!"

Sandra F. (Herring Run Branch) on The Furies by Mark Alpert: "The premise of the book was good--what if there were individuals who had the potential to live thousands of years? And what if the genetics that control it are only able to extend to females? Would it lead to witch hunts, and male resentment? Interesting."

Roxie J. (Herring Run Branch) on Out to Canaan by Jan Karon: "Another of the wonderful, heartwarming novels about the eclectic group of people that inhabit Mitford. The author presents these people in such a way that she breathes life into them and causes you to care about the challenges and triumphs they encounter."

Jenny O. (Light Street Branch) on We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: "Super-quick but packed with goodness and great perspective."

PedroMatthew F. (Light Street Branch) on Pedro by Pedro Martinez and Michael Silverman: "Must-read for even the most casual of Red Sox fans. The idiosyncratic pitcher gets to tell his story. Despite having a co-writer credit, Pedro's voice comes through."

Sara H. (Reisterstown Road Branch) on The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy: "Masterful--no wonder it is a classic. A bold who-done-it with secrets uncovered and all the trappings of a tantalizing romance, escape, and of course a perfect heroine pitted against a real villain. Take the time to read this one!"

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