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Thumbs Up! Eleven Recommendations from Adult Summer Reading Participants

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By Shaileen B.

Still searching for the perfect beach book? Here are suggestions from participants in our Adult Summer Reading Program:

normal3Kristen S. (Central Library) on Normal by Graeme Cameron: "Reminiscent of Dexter with a British twist. Fascinating and quick read that I polished off during a day at the beach. Far beyond normal beach reading!"

Jessica B. (Central Library) on The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant: "Even though this book is almost 90 years old now, its tone was still engaging and I felt like the book was more of a discussion than a textbook. I learned a lot about some new-to-me philosophers and enjoyed Durant's portrayals of the ones I already knew well."

Rick B. (Central Library) on Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the Destruction of Cambodia by William Shawcross: "A remarkable expose of the Cambodian arm of the protracted war of Western powers against recently decolonized Southeast Asia. The author relies extensively on primary sources (government documents and conversation transcripts) obtained under the Freedom of Information Act to illustrate the systemic origins and ambitious egos behind the debacle."

Barbara B. (Edmondson Branch) on The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson: "My very favorite book. I especially enjoyed the history. I could relate this book to my family who traveled north from Georgia and North Carolina."

Cyndy S. (Govans Branch) on One Cake, One Hundred Desserts by Greg Case and Keri Fisher: "I won 'The Most Showiest Cake' Award with the Sesame Honey Cake from this book. Delicious! Very good cake variations with an old fashion Hot Milk Cake as the base recipe. If you like to bake, I recommend it."

Melina T. (Govans Branch) on Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro: "A beautifully spare book of short stories that have some same characters and all have music as an important component of each story. There is an underlying melancholy in each story but Ishiguro is such a fine writer that you just want to finish them...."

Whitney J. (Hamilton Branch) on Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline: "The protagonist of Every Fifteen Minutes is so busy running from place to place to put out of fires, I felt out of breath while reading. Talk about a book that you can't put down! This is a FANTASTIC read...."

VeniceHelen B. (Light Street Branch) on The Good Thief's Guide to Venice by Chris Ewan: "Part of a series featuring Charlie Howard, a thief in the spirit of Donald Westlake's John Dortmunder and Lawrence Block's Bernie Rhodenbarr. Trying to stick to the straight and narrow as a novelist (and to escape some unpleasantness in Vegas), Charlie is living in Venice. When his prized first edition of The Maltese Falcon is stolen, Charlie finds himself involved in yet another illegal escapade -- the price for the book's return. An enjoyable caper mystery enhanced by the Venetian setting and atmosphere."

Bob B. (Light Street Branch) on I Slept with Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir by Mickey Leigh: "Whether you were a fan of The Ramones or not, Mickey Leigh's account of his brother, the late lamented Joey Ramone, is a fascinating glimpse into the life of an emotionally distressed young man who became the lead singer of one of the seminal groups in the punk rock movement of the 70s."

Masika M. (Reisterstown Road Branch) on Almost to Die For by Tate Hallaway: "Being a teen is a world of mysteries all of its own, but being a teen in the supernatural world can be a whole other story. If you like the supernatural world of vampires and witches (throw in high school drama for fun), you'll love this first book in the Vampire Princess series."

child3Partice B. (Walbrook Branch) on God Help the Child by Toni Morrison: "A child grows into a woman with the memory of her mother’s repulsion toward her, because she feels her skin is too black. This child grows into a beautiful woman, who lives with a lie, a lie she told in order to get her mother’s love."

Join the fun! Submit an entry to the Adult Summer Reading Program here. The last day to submit entries is Saturday, August 8.

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