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Pratt 5X3: Patrick Joust

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By Caitlin S., Librarian in the Fine Arts and Music Department

Three Baltimore photographers who are also Pratt Library staff members are presenting five photos each in a joint exhibit of their work. This blog post features work by Patrick Joust.

Pratt 5X3 is on display through December 6 in the Fine Arts and Music Department at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Maryland State Library Resource Center.

Much of the work by photographer Patrick Joust involves exploring the city and finding a subject “as is” to photograph. His work keenly illuminates the urban city after hours, capturing desolate scenes of places and people, and capitalizing on the chiaroscuro produced by artificial night lighting. Dramatic and moody, his work is evocative of old film noir stills.

See a video about Patrick’s work below:

See more of Patrick’s work on his website.
Read more about Patrick:
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