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Meredith Veach

Meredith Veach

Children's Librarian
Meredith Veatch is currently the children’s librarian for the Patterson Park Branch of the library. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Brigham Young University and then attended the University of Maryland, where she received master’s degree in Library and Information Science. She loves books, movies, and television shows for kids and teenagers, especially Harry Potter and anything on the Disney Channel. She has worked for the Enoch Pratt Free Library since 2010.

Contributor Posts

  • 9 Favorite Dragon Books, or Why I Read Fantasy
    By Meredith Veatch
    In recent weeks, I’ve had several people tell me that they don’t like reading fantasy books. Since fantasy is the main genre that I read and enjoy, I naturally had a question for these people: "If you ...more
  • Read Down Your Fines During Summer Reading
    By Meredith Veatch
    We're almost halfway through 2013, which means we've now been reading down fines for almost six months. At the Patterson Park branch, Read Down Fines started to take off after I visited a parents' night ...more
  • Fairy Tale Tea Party at the Patterson Park Library
    By Meredith Veatch
    I love Fairy Tale Festival. If the truth be known, I love it more than I love summer reading, mostly because it’s not as hot outside, but also because I adore fairy tales. But the main reason I love Fairy ...more
  • Listening at the Library
    By Meredith Veatch
    A few weeks ago I visited my optometrist because I’d been getting a lot of headaches, and I wondered if I needed a new prescription for my glasses. The good news is I don’t need new glasses. The bad news, ...more
  • Series vs. Stand-alone: The Great Reading Debate
    By Meredith Veatch
    I can never decide what I like to read better-a series, or a stand-alone book. There are perks and problems with each. My favorite thing about a stand-alone book is that there’s no waiting. You read it, ...more
  • Two Hundred Years of Pride and Prejudice
    By Meredith Veatch
    The first time I heard of Jane Austen, I was twelve years old. It was 1996, and the famous Pride and Prejudice miniseries starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth had just aired for the first time on American ...more
  • The Magic of Lloyd Alexander
    Meredith Veatch
    When I think of my favorite book characters, Vesper Holly from the Vesper Holly series by Lloyd Alexander immediately comes to mind. I always admired Vesper Holly for being so much cooler than me. She ...more
  • The Patterson Park Wall of Art
    By Meredith Veatch
    During the Fairy Tale Festival, we put up a castle wall above the computers at the Patterson Park Branch. It looked great. It transformed the whole space, and it created a lot of interest in the festival. ...more
  • The Vow to be Cool: Meeting Writers at Bookfest
    By Meredith Veatch
    If you’re a regular Pratt Chat reader, or if you tried to drive through Mt. Vernon during the last weekend of September, you probably already know about the Baltimore Book Festival. Still being relatively ...more
  • Judging Books by their Covers
     By Meredith Veatch
    It’s well known that you should never judge a book by its cover. Usually when people say this, they’re not actually talking about books. Unless you’re in the library, in which case they’re almost certainly ...more