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USS Baltimore

Contributor Posts

  • Friendship: The Story Behind Baltimore's First Airport
    By Jeff Korman
    While waiting in line to pass through security at BWI Thurgood Marshall International Airport last week I gave some thought to the evolution of our busy, ultra-modern airport. I go way back with this place. ...more
  • Maryland Yearbooks are in Demand
    By Jeff Korman
    Each month the managers of the subject departments at Pratt review the number of times the web the pages linked to their sites are viewed. In the Maryland Department popular pages include our guides on ...more
  • History: The Pratt Library in World War II
    By Jeff Korman
    Baltimore, a city capable of major industrial production, was key to military preparedness during World War II. Thousands went to work each day in the shipyards and steel mills, yet everyone in the country ...more


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