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Brian Manning

Brian Manning

Library Associate in Information Services
Despite having lived in Portland, OR for several years (where he began working in libraries), and despite being accused of lacking any form of discernible accent, Brian Manning is a native Baltimore-an.  He has a B.A. from Goucher College in Literature, and an M.A.L.A. from St. John's College in Annapolis. When not holding a book you may find him holding a guitar, holding a bicycle, holding a pencil, holding his wife's hand, or holding onto his dogs' leashes.  He wishes he could literally live in a book-house; since this is improbable, he works in the next best place.

Contributor Posts

  • Behind the Scenes: The Pratt Library Bindery
    By B. Manning
    Did you know that the Pratt Central Library has a Bindery unit which dates back to the 1930’s, and is still functioning today? In today’s disposable and digital-frenzied society, you may wonder what possible ...more
  • The Poetics of Memory
    By Brian Manning
    How is your memory? When it comes to certain things, my memory is like a steel trap; but otherwise, it’s more like a soggy noodle. I’ve always been impressed by my friends who can quote things verbatim, ...more
  • Behind the Scenes: the MILO Department
    By Brian Manning
    The Pratt Library has a vast and versatile collection of material, making it a veritable forest of information in which to conduct research. However, the collection is not infinite (like a Borgesian library), ...more
  • Stay Chill by Exploring Cool Books
    By Brian Manning
    What are some tricks you use for beating the Baltimore heat? If we were all Tibetan monks, we might engage in Tum-mo meditation in order to possibly find relief from extreme weather conditions. In a similar ...more
  • Bicycles in Bloom
    by Brian Manning
    Well, it’s spring time, and for many people it’s time to dust off the old bicycle and hit the road for some jovial jaunts and freewheeling flings. But before you hop on your bicycle and start peddling ...more
  • Words, or Linguistic Quagmires
    by Brian Manning
    Words: they are everywhere. Conversations, texts, mutterings, speeches, emails, treatises, colloquialisms, essays, signs, etc.—all brought forth through words. There is perhaps nothing as linked to the ...more
  • Hobo Signs & Traveling the Meandering Path
    By Brian Manning
    I am not too sure of when I had my first taste of wanderlust, but I can recall reading Jack London and Jack Kerouac during my formative years, and feeling the itch for the open road. Either way, here I ...more
  • Plagued by Library Fines? Kids & Teens can Wipe the Slate Clean
    By Brian Manning
    There are some things I immediately and pleasantly associate with childhood, including: my first crush; collecting and reading comics; playing baseball until after dark; and the wonder of exploring the ...more
  • 6 Library Books to Travel With
    By Brian Manning
    It’s the Holiday Season, and for many Marylanders it is a time filled with trips, treks, and layovers. And for many dealing with the rigors of yuletide traveling, the ideal companion is quiet, a source ...more
  • Seven Secrets about the Stacks: Could someone disappear down there?
    By Brian Manning
    If you’ve ever visited the Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Central Library location, then you know how large of a building it is—filled with bound volumes of passed-down thoughts from bygone ages, as well as ...more
  • Fall Rocks: A playlist for the chilly season
    By Brian Manning
    It’s November, and the fall is finally in full regal: there are pumpkins on stoops, rich yellows and oranges, and an air of mischief in the cool night airs. This air of degeneration is captivating, to ...more
  • Charting the Central Library: Explore our Maps Collections
    By Brian Manning
    Why do we look at maps? To see where we’ve been? To locate where we are? To see where we’re going? Or to see where we have not (yet) been? ...more