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A podcast of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, this series features conversation with leaders and innovators having a positive impact on Baltimore City. 

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May 2020: Dr. Jay Perman

COVID-19 and Higher Ed. University System of Maryland Chancellor Dr. Jay Perman discusses the impact of coronavirus on colleges and universities across the country and how USM is helping in the fight.


April 2020: COVID-19 Rapid Response

Dr. Susan Mani of Lifebridge Health tells us how healthcare professionals are tracking coronavirus hot spots, what's being done to protect vulnerable populations, and how COVID-19 will impact the future.


March 2020: Dr. William "Brit" Kirwan

Dr. William "Brit" Kirwan  breaks down the sweeping overhaul of Maryland's education system proposed by the Kirwan Commission, the funding fight it has caused in Annapolis, and what it means for the future of the state.


February 2020: Andrew Coy

Making a difference in Baltimore — one student at a time. Former White House adviser Andrew Coy is the founder of the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center. Now he joins the Free to Bmore podcast to talk about turning rec centers into tech centers.


January 2020: Kim Schatzel

Towson University President Kim Schatzel sits down with the Free to Bmore podcast to discuss her path into higher education, the University's push for a diverse campus, and her hopes for the future of Towson. 


December 2019: Dr. Sonja Brookins Santelises

The CEO of Baltimore City Schools discusses the impact of education, challenges faced by students and their families, and the fight over school funding. 


November 2019: Sammy Hoi

MICA President Sammy Hoi joins the Free to Bmore podcast to talk about how art and artists can be changemakers in our society. 


October 2019: Kurt Schmoke

The former mayor discusses his past leading Baltimore, his present as the President of University of Baltimore, and his hopes for the future of the city.


September 2019: Welcome Back to the Central Library

One of the most historic buildings in Baltimore City has undergone a $115 million renovation. In the episode we talk about the transformation of the Enoch Pratt Central Library with Chief of Facilities John Richardson and consulting architect Sandra Vicchio. Pratt CEO Heidi Daniel joins us to discuss the impact the building will have for generations to come.


July 2019: Lawyer in the Library

Free legal help available at your Pratt Library. In this Free to Bmore episode, Maryland Legal Aid's Todd Cagwin discusses the expanding Lawyer in the Library program and how it has touched many lives… including his own. 


June 2019: 50 Years of Pride

It's been half a century since the Stonewall Uprising kicked off Pride marches across the world. In this episode, LGBTQ + community members discuss how far the movement for equal rights has come, and how much further there is to go.


May 2019: Amy Webb

Futurist Amy Webb talks about the impact artificial intelligence is having on all of our lives, and how advances in technology and that way it is used will change the course of history. Check out her new book The Big Nine at the Pratt today.


April 2019: D. Watkins

Baltimore writer D. Watkins delves into his new memoir We Speak for Ourselves: A Word from Forgotten Black America. Watkins talks about his life, the struggles Baltimore faces, and what each of us can do to help the city.

Check out We Speak for Ourselves at the Pratt Library today.


March 2019: The Master Plan

Social entrepreneur Chris Wilson bravely shares his inspirational life story. Serving life in prison at age 17, he developed a Master Plan that led him to a life of purpose. Check out his book The Master Plan at the Pratt Library now.


February 2019: Women in Leadership

Pratt CEO Heidi Daniel joins the podcast to talk about the importance of mentorship and learning from different leadership systems. Instagrammer Alysha January (@discovercharmcity) talks about how she founded GalPal events to bring Baltimore women together.

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January 2019: Freeman Hrabowski

Named one of Time Magazine's Most Influential People in the World, Dr. Freeman Hrabowski has been a historymaker since the age of 12, when he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Children's Crusade. In this episode, the President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County talks about his memories of the past, the opportunities of the present, and his hopes for the future.


December 2018: New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is coming and we’re helping you reach success with some of the top goals of 2019.  Nutritionist Anna Bakhshi has small steps to take to improve your diet, Letta Grant from the Baltimore City Health Department gives some tips to quit smoking, and Founder and COO of Cash Campaign of Maryland Sara Johnson helps us start saving more money in 2019.

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November 2018: Social Worker in the Library

Pratt Social Worker Laurel Smith-Raut and University of Maryland Social Worker Kimberly Street discuss the Social Worker in the Library Program, a revolutionary collaboration with the University of Maryland School of Social Work connecting local Baltimoreans to resources that could transform their lives.

October 2018: Baltimore Ceasefire 365

Baltimore Ceasefire 365 Founder Erricka Bridgeford talks about the birth of a movement that's gone global, how you can get involved, and a new partnership between Ceasefire, the Pratt Library, and several other community organizations. Learn more about Baltimore Ceasefire and One Book Baltimore.