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Location Closure The Forest Park Branch is closed for renovations. The Washington Village Branch is closed for facility maintenance. The Walbrook Branch is closed for HVAC repairs.

Dr. Susan Mani
April 2020

COVID-19 Rapid Response

Dr. Susan Mani of Lifebridge Health tells us how healthcare professionals are tracking coronavirus hot spots, what's being done to protect vulnerable populations, and how COVID-19 will impact the future.

Dr. William Kirwin
March 2020

Dr. William "Brit" Kirwan

Dr. William "Brit" Kirwan breaks down the sweeping overhaul of Maryland's education system proposed by the Kirwan Commission, the funding fight it has caused in Annapolis, and what it means for the future of the state.

Andrew Coy
February 2020

Andrew Coy

Making a difference in Baltimore — one student at a time. Former White House adviser Andrew Coy is the founder of the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center. Now he joins the Free to Bmore podcast to talk about turning rec centers into tech centers.

Kim schatzelx
January 2020

Dr. Kim Schatzel

Towson University President Kim Schatzel sits down with the Free to Bmore podcast to discuss her path into higher education, the University's push for a diverse campus, and her hopes for the future of Towson.

Dr sonja brookins santelises
December 2019

Dr. Sonja Brookins Santelises

The CEO of Baltimore City Schools discusses the impact of education, challenges faced by students and their families, and the fight over school funding.

Sammy hoi
November 2019

Sammy Hoi

MICA President Sammy Hoi joins the Free to Bmore podcast to talk about how art and artists can be changemakers in our society.

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