The Dark K(Night): On Hope and Tragedy

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By Brian DeLuca

Batman The Dark Knight Returns cover 175Seventy years ago, in an American city not much different from our own, a young family of three walked down the wrong street known as Crime Alley, and history was changed forever. Minutes after seeing “Zorro” at their local cinema, a vibrant husband and wife, pillars of their community, lay dead, and their young son was an orphan with lasting emotional scars. We know how a boy left alone in the world and wanting vengeance instead turned his thoughts to justice.

We know how this boy, the heir to a vast fortune, donated his money to help his blighted city. A product of his times, he devoted endless hours to forensics and other sciences in hopes that they would aid in his future crusade. He traveled to the exotic Far East, like many of the well-heeled of his generation, not as a tourist, but as a student, learning all he could of the fighting styles of many cultures. A permanently scarred victim of gun violence, he would forever swear off guns, knowing that it would put him at a grave disadvantage to his foes.

Returning home to America, he adopted a guise that would strike fear into those he stalked, men like those who had killed his parents. In time, his name would become synonymous with justice and for the darkness that waited for those who would prey on the weak. Forced to live a double life, he embraced the night but fought to bring about a new day. His story has been told in every medium possible: film, comics, books, television, and cartoons. He has become an icon in the United States and all over the world. Millions of us lined up to see the final chapter in the latest film version of his life.

When we awoke the next morning, we were all horrified by the events in Colorado that stood in such stark contrast to the story of hope that is the core of the Batman legend. It is a story that resonates from generation to generation; I learned the tale at the feet of my mother, whose generation was the first to know it. It was a tragedy that filled me with fear for my best friend who lived a dozen miles from that theater in Aurora. I feared there would be a backlash against something that is important in my life.

The difference between fiction and legend is those who believe. The difference between legend and myth is longevity. Two weeks ago, we saw the beginning of a myth. The thing about myths is that mad men will try to rewrite them or write themselves into them, but the best of them stand above all that as beacons. In this case, it might be the words of Christopher Nolan that ring the truest right now: “Why do we fall down? To learn to pick ourselves up again”.

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