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Gus Russo

Boomer DaysEmerging from the funky blue-collar Baltimore that gave rise to Edgar Allan Poe, H. L. Mencken, Frank Zappa, and John Waters, Gus Russo nurtured an endless curiosity by inserting himself into the worlds of music, tennis, politics, and filmmaking. Boomer Days chronicles his memories of  the Civil Rights movement, the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations, the golden ages of tennis and music, and the rise of the counterculture.

Gus Russo is a veteran investigative reporter, musician, and author. He has written six books, including Brothers in Arms: The Kennedys, the Castros, and the Politics of Murder (coauthor: Stephen Molton), which won the 2008 History Prize at the New York Book Festival.


Recorded On: Thursday, September 8, 2011