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Steve Luxenberg

Annie's Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret 

Steve Luxenberg talks about his new book, Annie's Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret.

Steve LuxenbergEvery family has a secret. Washington Post senior editor Steve Luxenberg discovered that his late mother, who had always claimed to be an only child, erased nearly every trace of a sister named Annie who lived in the family home until she was committed to a mental hospital at the age of 21. In his new book, Annie's Ghosts, he explores the personal motives and cultural forces that influenced his mother's decision to create and harbor the secret.

Steve Luxenberg has worked at the Washington Post for more than 20 years. Raised in Detroit, the primary setting for Annie's Ghosts, he now lives in Baltimore.

Recorded On: Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Playing Time: 32:14

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