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What is the Enoch Pratt Youth Council (EPYC)?

EPYC is specifically designed to provide teens a say in operations. The purpose has shifted to providing teens more participation in library operations than simply earning service hours. We want teens to feel ownership and pride in their library system, including what it does for the community. With program assistance and creation, teens can easily have a hand in amazing and fun work within the city, while serving as a voice for their peers.

Who can participate in EPYC? How many members are in the council?

The Enoch Pratt Youth Council is specifically for teens ages 13 - 18 that are Baltimore City residents and that complete the application and various forms required for all council members.

At most, the council will only have 15 teens involved in the program. Please contact us at to inquire about any available slots.

How long does the Enoch Pratt Youth Council (EPYC) last?

EPYC will last through the Fall and Spring semesters of the school year, with a break during the Summer.

The Fall cohort will typically run from October to December. The Spring cohort will run from February to May.

How often will the Enoch Pratt Youth Council (EPYC) meet?

EPYC will meet twice a month with predetermined dates that are provided at the beginning of each cohort. Meetings will always be held within the Earl Teen Center on the second floor of the Central Library, unless otherwise directed.

The meetings will also allow a virtual component for those who cannot attend in person.

How many hours can I get volunteering with EPYC?

The amount of hours that can be earned depends on the amount of times that a council member can contribute/volunteer. Opportunities will arise as each cohort progresses, depending on the needs and programming from week to week. If council members can, they should volunteer as much as possible.

What are some of the duties that EPYC will be responsible for?

EPYC will be seen as an extension of the Programming and Outreach staff. Council members will be able to provide assistance with programming execution and preparation. This can include testing out equipment, putting together supplies for programs, or live event work. They will have opportunities to brainstorm ideas that can be adopted into future programs that the library can host. In addition, EPYC will allow council members to occasionally shadow and work with a variety of departments within the Enoch Pratt Free Library.

What skills will EPYC help teens develop?

EPYC will provide a chance for teens to hone in a variety of skills that will be useful to them in the future, whether in school, for work or personally. We have partnered with outside organizations that will host workshops for the council members to participate in. These workshops cover a variety of topics to include future pathways after high school, conflict management, and the value of code switching. These workshops will also count for service learning.

Who should I contact for any questions related to EPYC?

If you have any questions at all regarding the council, please feel free to contact us at the EPYC email address,

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