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Small Business Corner

Industry Trends


Bureau of Labor Statistics
Provides industry statistics such as productivity, employment, consumer price index, and aspects of the workforce. This information shows how different industries are fairing, by describing regarding employment, wages and the economy.

Hoover’s provides general, limited information about companies and industry reports from professional publications.
Find a trade show to attend and other information such as suppliers and exhibitors. You can also search by industry and location.

U.S. Census Bureau
Provides statistics about the population and the economy of the United States. An area of interest for those starting, and already in business is the Economic Census. 



The following databases are available with a Pratt library card.

Business Insights: Essentials
Research industry trends, marketing data, business rankings and market share along with company financials and history.

NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's)
S&P's database contains current industry surveys, monthly investment reports, and financial education modules. Use this resource to research industry trends. This database replaces the print versions of Industry Surveys and Monthly Investment Reports.

Access Business
Access articles on a variety of business topics taken from business journals, such as Daily Record (Baltimore), Crain’s New York Business (NYC), Dolan’s Virginia Business Observer (Norfolk)

Print Sources

Encyclopedia of American Industries. (XHC102.E53)
Individual entries describe industry, background, and organization of different businesses. The first volume covers manufacturing industries and the second volume covers non-manufacturing and service industries. Entries are also available electronically in the Business and Company Resource Center database.

Encyclopedia of Global Industries. (HD2324.E53)
Entries about industries are arranged alphabetically by major industries.