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Internet Sites 

Bureau of Economic Analysis  
Bureau of Economic Analysis provides news and statistics in four categories: National, Regional, International and Industry. Once you select a category there is tab for articles on the top of the site. Use the right and left hand columns to find quick access to information.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics  
Along with information related to airlines and fuel consumption there is information on freight transportation, and international transportation. Clicking on the word data on the left hand side allows searches to be performed by type of travel, subject and by agency. Each section allows you to tailor your search.

Department of Commerce  
The Department of Commerce provides information related to many aspects of the U. S. economy. Their purpose is to support the economy. The lower right hand corner has links specifically related Free Trade and to International Outreach.

Embassies of Washington, D.C.  
A comprehensive alphabetical list of contact information for foreign embassies in Washington with links to the embassy web site and/or additional information.

Export Statistics Express  
This site contains import/export statistics between U. S. states and foreign countries. It is searchable by state to country, country to state and by product. The search brings up a listing of statistics and a map with color coding. This site is produced by the U.S. Department of Commerce

Geared towards international business and research. This site contains country statistics, economics and history, market indicators and global resources related to law trade and research. There are academic articles about international economics also. Created by the Center for International Business Education and Research at Michigan State University.

Directory of 1.5 million companies in over 60 countries searchable by company information or product listing. Requires registration.

United States Census  
The trade section of the Census page provides statistics about import/export data. There is information listed by country, product and by the items U. S. states send overseas. There is a link that brings you to the Shippers Export Declaration (SED).

USITC Trade Database  
Maintained by the U.S. International Trade Commission, the database provides statistics on U.S. imports and exports. The DataWeb also provides information on tariffs, as well as which countries have Normal Trade Relations with the U.S. Access is provided after free registration.

World Trade Institute  
World Trade Institute here in Baltimore. The World Trade Institute’s purpose is to assist Maryland business do business worldwide. They provide classes, help create ties overseas and have a research library.


Directory of United States Exporters. New York: Journal of Commerce, Inc, Annual.
(XHF3011.D57Q) Check Catalog  
Locate companies that export products out of the United States. Companies can be located alphabetically, geographically, and by product. Entries include contact information, SIC numbers, port of export, and products exported. There is a glossary, listings of foreign embassy, U. S. foreign trade zones, banks and essays about how to export.


Dun & Bradstreet Exporters' Encyclopaedia. New York: Dun and Bradstreet International, Annual.
(XHF3011 .E9Q) Check Catalog  
A useful resource for anyone interested in the export business. The main section contains country's and trade regulations and market data. There are also samples of export data, communications information ports and associations involved in helping trade. There is a supplement with regulations that come out after publication.