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Anywho Online Directory
AT&T’s online phone book allows you to search by business name or category, locate area codes and toll free numbers. Use this to find types of companies in a geographic location to see who you are competing against and the types of business in a geographic area. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Statistical information for industries, business costs, and productivity is available from this site.

Infobel provides telephone information for the U.S. and worldwide.  If you are interested in the international market, import-export or finding a company abroad, this site will help you locate contact information.
Search by business name, category or keyword. Searches can be limited by city and zip code. Also provides search and locater capablity for phone numbers, area codes and zip codes.

Economic Census
The Economic Census is done in years ending in 2 and 5 and provides economic information by industry nationally, by state and by county. Economic and population figures are available in tables. Useful for finding types and numbers of different types of businesses, competition and trends. State, local economic and population and community information figures are also available here.

United States Postal Services
Answers to your mail questions. There is information about preparing a package, rates, mailing and shipping information as well as information for direct mail (advertising).



The following databases are available with a Pratt library card.

Business Insights: Essentials
Research industry trends, marketing data, business rankings and market share along with company financials and history.

NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's)
S&P's database contains current industry surveys, monthly investment reports, and financial education modules. Use this resource to research industry trends. This database replaces the print versions of Industry Surveys and Monthly Investment Reports.

Access Business
Access articles on a variety of business topics taken from business journals, such as Daily Record (Baltimore), Crain’s New York Business (NYC), Dolan’s Virginia Business Observer (Norfolk)

This database provides addresses only rather than articles. Culled from U.S. yellow pages, you can find companies by size, sales, yellow page entry, and geographic region. This allows you to market or advertise yourself, do business-to-business (B2B) business, and find competition.


Print Sources

Harris Maryland Manufacturers Directory (XHF5065.M3A4Q)
A regional phone book that provides listings of manufacturing companies in Maryland.

D&B Regional Business Directory. Washington DC/Baltimore Area (XHG4058.W3D86Q)
A directory for locating business in greater Maryland. Useful for finding competition, for business-to-business sales, and obtaining products or services for your business.

Market Share Reporter (XHF1040.8M37Q)
This book contains charts that show amount of products and services sold and used. This information portrays the popularity of items and how people spend their money.

Business Rankings Annual   (XHG4050.B88Q)
Find business rankings by industry. Charts list companies by revenue and sales.