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Lucinda Wise, originally from Illinois, has been for many years a storyteller in Austin, Texas, performing in various places and for various groups, from preschoolers to parents. She has led workshops and taught storytelling in informal and formal settings including St. Edward's University in Austin. She is facilitator for three national Environmental Education projects and has won a gold medal from the 2005 St. Patrick's National Irish Storytelling Competition at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, Texas. Lucinda is a board member of the Central Texas Storytelling Guild. Lucinda Wise
Contact information:
6610 Burnett Rd. #15
Austin, TX 75757
Telephone: 512-917-7304

Stories told by Lucinda:

Frog, the Innkeeper’s Daughter
Adapted Fable 8:09 minutes
A couple of innkeepers, after many years of waiting, finally had a baby. It turned out to be frog. Nevertheless, they loved their daughter frog very much. The daughter developed a great talent for singing. A prince walking by fell in love with her voice and decided to marry her. Through a coincidence three faeries helped the daughter frog to become a beautiful princess.