E-stories are not currently available for streaming access. However a selection of 20 of the stories is available on DVD for checkout: E-stories: 20 tales from around the world. Vol.1.


Dylan Pritchett has averaged over 200 performances annually in schools, libraries, and museums since 1990. Dylan is one of a handful of artists artists selected, for the seventh year, to participate in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners in Education touring program. This program provides quality school aged programming coupled with teacher workshops to nation-wide audiences. Dylan's performances and assemblies are age appropriate with six major themes in mind. They are moral teachings, building self-esteem, respect, enhancing listening skills, give a taste of the African oral tradition, and having fun. Dylan Pritchett
Contact information:
 5512 Scott's Pond Drive,WilliamsBurg,VA 23188

Stories told by Dylan:

African American 3:08 minutes
Why is respect important? Who should we show respect to first?

The Three Sons
African 2:25 minutes
What is the greatest honor we can give our ancestors? Which of these sons display that power?