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Kansas City-born Joyce Slater has been involved in acting since she was 7. An actress, teacher, and painter, she has been a professional storyteller since 1996, telling stories to audiences of all ages. In addition, she leads workshops in storytelling and creative drama. Her repertoire includes folk tales, ghost stories, spiritual stories, Slavic and Swedish tales, adventure tales, as well as custom designed programs. Her style is entertaining and animated, and she likes to employ puppetry, origami and music. She travels widely around the United States, visiting schools and libraries. She is affiliated with a number of organizations, including National Storytellling Network, River and Prairie Storyweavers, Mid-America Pastel Society, The Coterie Theatre, etc. Joyce_Slater
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Polar Bear and the trolls
Swedish 4:06
A hunter decided to offer a live polar bear to the king. As the hunter and the bear were traveling, they stopped for a rest at a house that at Christmas time was being invaded by ill-minded trolls. When the trolls tried to play a joke on the sleeping bear, the bear chased them out of the house forever .