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Yvonne Healy was born in England to Irish parents. Her family immigrated to a small town in Pennsylvania. Yvonne eventually left that place for Swarthmore College and Tuffs University, then worked as an actress in New York City, married and had two daughters, and settled in Michigan. Along the way were soap operas, comedy club, teaching jobs, published stories and essays. The birth of her children awoke in her an interest for storytelling. Since then she has thrived in story telling and has become the recipient of numerous awards and prizes. Yvonne’s style is very entertaining, fun, and full of great acting. She performs widely at festivals, schools, libraries, conferences, museums, etc. Yvonne-Healy.gif
Contact information:
5193 King Road
Howell, MI 48843
Telephone: 810-225-2204

Stories told by Yvonne:

Lugh, the Shining One
Irish 5:12
Lugh, “the Shining One,” one of the characters of Irish mythology, approached the great halls of Túatha Dé Danaan at the Hill of Tara, the seat of high kings of Ireland, asking to be admitted. The gatekeeper refuses, saying that only people possessing unique skills, or talents, are allowed in. Lugh declares to have a mastery of a number of such skills and talents, but to no avail – such people are already inside. Listen, to find out what was the special talent to let him in.