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Donna Ingham is a retired college professor with a Ph.D turned storyteller. She has taught storytelling at the University of Texas, Austin and tells stories in school classes ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school and has coached young tellers. She is popular conference and after-dinner speaker as well as a featured performer at storytelling and folklife festivals in Texas and beyond. Humor permeates much of what she does, and she continues to collect stories from all sources to add to her repertoire. Donna also offers storytelling workshops. In 2006 she won the contest for the Biggest Liar in Austin with her story “The biggest lamb dyer.” Donna-Ingham.gif
Contact information:
1025 Coventry Road
Spicewood, TX 78669
Telephone: 830-623-1641

Stories told by Donna:

The Biggest Lamb Dyer
Contemporary Texan 3:07 minutes
Did you hear the one about the Texas cattle and sheep rancher whose wife was dying some clothes in a large tub? A tiny lamb accidentally fell in, thereby turning a lovely shade of blue. But it dried up quickly and the next morning it was playing with the other lambs in a small fenced in area by the side of the road. The rancher was very surprised when a tourist stopped and offered $25 for the rare blue lamb. The rancher quickly realized that he was on to something big.