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Dr. Rebecca Moore Jerrigan is an accomplished and internationally recognized storyteller, actress, and a playright. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and has made her home in Oxford, Mississippi. Even as a child she was fascinated by stories she heard or read, and she acted them out for her friends. As a professional storyteller, she uses songs, voice variations and movements and occasionally collaborates with local musicians to create unique performances. During her work as a teacher of English a second language in China, she experimented with applying performances into instruction. As an actress, she played in several films, including "The Client," "Elvis, the Early Years,” “Black Beauty”, and “Ode to Billy Joe,” in addition to her theatre work. Dr. Jerrigan’s teaching and workshop jobs included University of Mississippi, Mississippi Governor’s School, Yoknapatawpha Summer Writing Institute, among other schools and colleges. She did seven tours of the Department of Defense Schools in Europe. She is a member of a number of storytelling, theatre, and performing arts organizations and recipient of numerous awards and prizes. Rebecca_Jernigan
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Sarah the Little Ghost
Contemporary, Louisiana 5:30
On a Halloween eve night in a cemetery, a little ghost, Sarah, was awakened by moonlight from her grave. She started to wander around, left the cemetery and went to town. But suddenly, she got scared by other approaching ghosts.