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Donna Washington was born in Colorado, but as her father had a military career, she spent her childhood in a number of different states and a few foreign countries, especially Korea. She first heard stories and tales from her father at the supper table. Later, as a student at the Northwestern University in Chicago, studying clinical social work and speech, she was encouraged by her theater teacher to tell stories, and since then she has never stopped. It has become her life’s passion and profession. Donna makes frequent appearances in schools, libraries, storytelling festivals and other occasions. Her use of facial expressions, lively gesticulation, dynamic voice, and her personal charm always win her a very approving audience. The themes of her stories range from original pieces to foreign folk tales to traditional ethnic songs. Donna Washington is also the author of several storytelling books and CDs. She lives with her family in Durham, North Carolina.

Donna Washington
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Anansi and the Hat Shaking Dance
African 5:04

Anansi, the spider, being extremely hungry, went to his mom to get some food. There he has a little misfortune.