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Diane Williams is an accomplished storyteller from Madison, Mississippi. In her performances she follows the griot tradition, perpetuating myths, folktales, legends, and stories from the Old South. She has traveled widely around the United States, and several foreign countries. Her appearances include schools, libraries, museums, festivals, associations, churches and a variety of events. She could be heard on the radio and seen on TV. Diane is an author and editor of books, poetry, storytelling resources, and two audiocassettes. She is a recipient of many prizes and awards, and is active in storytellers organizations. Donna Williams.jpg
Contact information:
P.O. Box 825
Madison, MS 39130
Telephone: 601-856-6384 (home); 601-927-4159 (mobile)

Stories told by Diane:

Annie Mae Jumps the Broom
African American 6:23 minutes
This story explains a tradition that has been revitalized in African-American weddings today. During the times of slavery in America there once were two slaves who were in love and wanted to get married. Aunt Minnie, the counselor on the plantation encouraged the couple to wait a few days until they were sure. Finally the day arrived and everyone was excited. Listen up what was needed to tie the marriage knots then.