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Loren Niemi has been storytelling for over a quarter century. He is well known as a creator, teacher, collector and performer of stories around the country. Storytelling has been an important part of his work as a community organizer with neighborhoods and non-profit groups. Moreover, he provides workshops and corporate and organizational consulting in the form of stories. His clients include AT&T, Walt Disney World, Medtronic, National Legal Aid, among many others. In 1998, Niemi was a recipient of a Bush Leadership Fellowship to research the role of storytelling in community development. In the past, Niemi worked with the Heart of the Beast & Mask Theatre’s Circle of Water Circus, and the Bad Jazz trio (with Kevin Kling and Michael Sommers), experimenting with theatrical and storytelling forms. Loren Niemi has a BA in Philosophy and Studio Arts from St. Mary’s College (Winona, MN) and a MA in Liberal Studies (American culture) from Hamline University (St. Paul, MN). He co-wrote, with Elizabeth Ellis, “Inviting the wolf in: thinking about difficult stories.” His second book, “The book of plots” is a manual for storytellers explaining how to construct engaging narratives. Loren_Niemi
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The autumn raking accident
contemporary American 3:22
Two boys play with autumn leaves while the narrator’s elder brother is raking them. When the latter’s girlfriend arrives, he tries to impress her by balancing the rake on his chin. Suddenly, the rake loses its balance, and….