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Full of energy, grace and animation, Nannette Watts brings her stories to life. Immersed as a child in stories told by family members she has grown her interest in telling tales into adulthood. She received a BFA in music, dance and theatre. She has been a professional storyteller for over a decade. Nannette likes to work with young people, teaches storytelling in school, and often performs with her own children who are all storytellers. She is a Timpanogos Storytelling Festival Outreach Program teller and the founder of “Resonance”, a story theatre group. She is fun to watch and listen, and her stories are captivating. In addition, she travels to other storytelling festivals, performs at schools and libraries, and leads storytelling workshops. She lives in Utah. Nanette
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Tales are better than gold
Contemporary 5:15
Three brothers stopped at the house of an old woman to rest during a trip to a new place where they wanted to settle down. Although their pockets were filled with gold, the old woman wanted them to share a tale with her instead of payment. Two brothers gladly told her a tale, but the third one refused. The old woman ushered him out. He went to other houses around wanting to pay for the night with gold. But everywhere there were all kinds of danger. In terror he returned to the old woman’s home begging her to let him in.