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Tahira is a storyteller, poet, vocalist, percussionist and a full time performer, originally from Delaware. She feels it is her life's work to continue in the oral tradition of her ancestors. Her stories are either her original works, or draw on African and African American folklore tradition. She credits her parents for inspiring her to explore the culture and to pursue her dreams. TAHIRA has performed with her poetry, stories and music all over the country. Her work is not merely to entertain, but to educate and inspire. In recognition of her significant contribution to oral literature, TAHIRA was awarded the Delaware Division of the Arts 2000 Individual Artist Fellowship. She is the past President of Keepers of the Culture, Inc. (KOTC), Philadelphia's most renowned storytelling organization. TAHIRA has represented KOTC on national platform issues relating to the art of storytelling. "My intention as a performing artist is to shed light in dark places in order to chase away shadows and reveal the brilliance of the human spirit. My light is my gift as an artist. The dark place is fear in all its forms: racism, sexism, belief in lack and the list goes on. Fear/darkness is simply the absence of light." Tahira
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P.O. Box 787,Claymont 1,DE 19703

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Children Need Praise
2:08 minutes
It is important that children’s efforts are appreciated along with their achievements.

The Sun and the North Wind
2:24 minutes
The sun and the north wind were contesting each other's strength. They decided to pit themselves against an unfortunate traveler.