E-stories are not currently available for streaming access. However a selection of 20 of the stories is available on DVD for checkout: E-stories: 20 tales from around the world. Vol.1.


Bunjo Butler is a librarian, educator, workshop facilitator, and master Storyteller. He has been active in the storytelling world for over 15 years. His wide repertoire includes variations and improvisations on the universal truths found in African, Caribbean, and African American stories, proverbs, and songs, as well as those of his own creation. Bunjo has a fierce determination to the oral tradition, and works avidly to keep it alive through involvement with organizations that perpetuate the art of storytelling. He is the immediate past President of the The National Association of Black Storytellers. Bunjo Butler
Contact information:
 3501 Glen Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 542-6829 

Stories told by Bunjo:

The Story of Talk
African 5 minutes
A talking cow? A talking rock? You'd run too if it happened to you! An African tale.

Mrs. Bear and Mr. Crow
African American 6 minutes
Don't believe everything you hear!
Even if it's coming from a friend.