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Ricardo Provencio is a bilingual (Spanish and English) storyteller from Arizona. He is also a counselor and professor at the South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, and a founding member of South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute. His stories are rooted in Mexican, Spanish and Native American folk traditions. Ricardo’s professional and community work has focused on combating the negative effects of poverty, drugs and racism among ethnic minorities, and on promoting multiculturalism and diversity. After growing up in Superior, Arizona, he served one year in Vietnam and received a Purple Heart. In recognition of his work, he was awarded with a trip to Salzburg, Austria in 2005 to participate in two-week long seminar on “Community Colleges as Sites of Global Citizenship,” and in May 2007 received a Diversity Advisory Council of Maricopa County Award of Excellence. Provencio performs in libraries, schools, museums as well as at storytelling festivals around the country. Ricardo_Provencio
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De tal palo tal astilla (Like father, like son)
Traditional, Mexican 3:43
Grandpa used to show and teach everything to his grandson. But as he grew older, he could not work as well as before, and often he was getting ill requiring help from his daughter in law and his son. They decided to expel grandpa from home to the barn. But when the grandson saw his father preparing a blanket for grandpa to stay in the barn, he started to cut the blanket in two….