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Elizabeth Ellis grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. She learned to tell stories from her grandfather who was a circuit-riding minister. She migrated to Texas to work for Dallas Public Library. She has been a professional storyteller since 1979. A favorite at the National Storytelling Festival, she has shared her stories at festivals throughout the United States. The National Storytelling Network has honored her with the Circle of Excellence Award, and the Tejas Storytelling Association with their John Henry Faulk Award. She is the co-author of "Inviting the Wolf In: Thinking About Difficult Stories" published by August House. Elizabeth Ellis
Contact information:
 P.O. Box 720411, Dallas, TX 75372

Stories told by Elizabeth:

Like Meat Loves Salt
Appalachian 4:29 minutes
This is an Appalachian version of an old folktale. William Shakespeare loved this tale so much, he used it to write the play "King Lear."

Why Cats Wash After They Eat
African American 2:06 minutes
This African-American pourquoi story comes from North Carolina."Pourquoi" (pronounced "por-kwah") means "why" in French, and pourquoi tales are old legends told to explain why certain things are the way they are.