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Dorothy McMahon is a storyteller from Texas. She has a BA in Education and a Master’s degree in Library Science. For over 30 years she has worked as a teacher and an elementary school librarian. Her stories are powerful communication tools, enriching and enlivening, showing interconnections between animals, plants, and the environment, sparking imaginations, often becoming stepping stones for a quest for further knowledge. Dorothy frequently leads workshops on storytelling, reading aloud, poetry and puppetry in schools, education associations, and storytelling organizations. DorothyMcMahon.jpg
Contact information:
2006 Wagon Gap Trail
Houston, TX 77090-0190
Telephone: 281-444-8085

Stories told by Dorothy:

The Best Liar
Russian 3:54 minutes
At one time, the king got bored and decided to organize a contest for the biggest liar. The winner would get a golden apple. There were many liars in the country but none seemed to impress the king. Then suddenly a poor shepherd showed up with an extraordinary claim.