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Catherine Crowley was born into a large Irish Catholic family in Minnesota. In her youth she did babysitting, and during that time she became fascinated by storytelling and learned a lot of stories. In addition, she was involved with theater and acting, and she co-founded the Bloomington Teen Theatre. In 1992, she became apprentice to Master Storyteller Elizabeth Ellis and settled in Texas. She has been telling stories ever since. In 1999, she received a Master’s degree in Storytelling at East Tennessee State University where she was also an editor of Storytelling World magazine. She is a member of a number of storyteller organizations, including Dallas Storytelling Guild, Tejas Storytelling Association, and National Storytelling Network. Catherine Crowley performs widely at storytelling festivals, schools and libraries, and leads workshops. Her stories are funny, well crafted and entertaining, inspiring and promoting literacy. Cathy Crowley
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Tenali the Wise and Funny
Indian 5:42
Tenali was the King’s prime-minister. The King decided to organize a competition for a new prime-minister to see if he could find even a better one. So, he ordered each candidate to get a kitten and to fatten it for a month, and return to him with the results. Tenali was also a candidate.