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Beth Vaughan came to storytelling with a background in theater, as performer, teacher and director. Her style of telling reflected that training and experience. Her personal cultural background comes from the Celtic countries, and her choice of story material reflects that heritage. She combines theater and storytelling with her passion for the value of the imagination in educating children, with her workshop residencies - "Listen, then…Become". She is included in the Maryland State Arts Council's roster of Artists in Education. She taught a Towson University course, "Literacy enhancement through storytelling and the theater arts". Sometimes, through the voice of "Biddy O'Byrne - Medieval Time Traveler from Ireland", Beth used to tell folk tales and myths as if they were 'the news of the day'. Beth Vaughan
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Stories told by Beth:

A Harper in Fairy Land
Greek-English 6:07 minutes
Medieval Orpheus and Eurydice - with a happy ending

The Devil's Bridge
Celtic 4:51 minutes
Welsh legend of a clever old woman.