E-stories are not currently available for streaming access. However a selection of 20 of the stories is available on DVD for checkout: E-stories: 20 tales from around the world. Vol.1.


When she retired from Public service in 1991, Geneva Greenfield decided to dedicate herself to the preservation of the art of storytelling. She loves to tell all kinds of stories: folktales, ghost stories, Teddy Bear tales, slavery stories, etc. She relays them in schools, churches, libraries, and storytelling festivals. Geneva lives in Kansas City, Missouri. Geneva-Greenfield.gif
Contact information:
4001 East 104th Street
Kansas City, MO 64137
Telephone: 816-765-5778

Stories told by Geneva:

Old Brer Fox and His Tail
Native American 4:25 minutes
Old Brer Fox running away from dogs escapes into a small cave. Not having anybody else to brag about how clever he was, he begins talking to his body parts. He asks his feet, then his ears, then his eyes what their part in this victory over the dogs was. He almost forgets to ask his tail…