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Kathy Coleman is, in her own words “a storyteller and Appalachian folkways preserver.” She was born in a coalminer’s family in Wise County, Virginia. From her childhood on she was immersed in the rich folklore tradition of songs, stories and verse of the region. After attending Virginia Tech, marrying and having children, she discovered that she had that special talent for storytelling. While attending many storytellers gatherings and festivals, she realized how important stories are for bringing people together, that they not only entertain but also convey a whole culture, tradition, sense and purpose of places they originate from. Kathy has been traveling widely for many years now, bringing her stories and tunes, toys and quilts to schools and libraries, and introducing to them the Appalachian folk heritage – among the many places she has told her stories are Al Gore’s front porch and China. The Smithsonian called her one of the distinct “Voices of America.” Kathy_Coleman
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Devil and Bobtail Jack
Appalachian 5:34
The devil enters an agreement with farmer Bobtail Jack to share farm products. But the devil is not smart enough to win three contests with Bobtail, which involve growing corn, potatoes and raising pigs. Each time he is outwitted by Jack.