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Sandy Pomerantz has worked for 34 years with the Philadelphia School District, first as a teacher and then as a librarian. In addition, she was a storyteller, folksinger and a folk DJ. Through her stories and folk music, employing her background in dramatics, songwriting, lore, puppetry and games, she tried to spark an early interest in children in folk culture and art. She led workshops on a variety of folk arts, had her radio show, and performed on TV. She took her stories and music beyond the Philadelphia scene, performing in libraries, churches, synagogues, bookstores, scout camps, festivals, schools, birthdays, etc.  Sandy passed away in October 2005. Sandy-Pomerantz.gif
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Rabbi’s Advice
Jewish 6:42 minutes
Mendel’s daughter just moved into his house with her husband and two mischievous sons. Mendel, thinking that they were making too much noise, went to ask a rabbi ‘s advice. The rabbi told him to bring also his dog inside. This caused even more noise in the house. Mendel went to see the rabbi again and he advised him to bring inside also the hens from his farm. But that caused even more noise……