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Lynette Ford continues the storytelling tradition passed from generation to generation in her family. Her “Home-fried stories”, as she calls them, honor her father who was the worst cook, but the best storyteller. The stories she tells are entertaining, informative and full of humor, wisdom and hope and encourage the participation of listeners. Many of the stories are enhanced by percussive instruments, rhymes, sound effects, and songs. She travels widely with her stories, lectures, summer reading programs, key note speeches and workshops to libraries, universities, museums, conferences, schools, etc., and she has performed on TV and radio.  In 2007, she received an Oracle Award for leadership and service from the National Storytelling Network. Lyn Ford’s work has been publicized  on “PTD Today” website and published in “ Storytelling Magazine.” Some of her stories are available on CDs. She lives in Ohio. Lynette_Ford
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Anansi and the common sense
West-African 4:37
Anansi, the Spider, wanted to make some money and thought that selling “common sense” could be quite profitable. So, he started to collect it into a gourd. However, when he decided to hide the gourd on top of a very tall tree, it fell down and broke up, releasing all the collected common sense. People picked up the common sense, but not everybody got the same amount. Some got nothing.