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A professional, free-lance storyteller from Kansas City, Missouri, Steve Otto has a degree in Speech and Dramatics with a specialty in Television Production from the University of Missouri. Although after graduation he at first worked for television stations, he wound up working for the Federal government in claims operations and health and human services. Years later, while still working for the “Feds,” he started to act in a local community theatre and then took a class in storytelling. He became fascinated by the latter, took many other storytelling classes and workshops, and has continued telling stories to a variety of audiences around the country, eventually taking an early retirement from the federal government in 1994. His repertoire of over 400 stories, many of them very humorous and entertaining, includes something for all ages and interests. In addition, Steve teaches storytelling techniques, and gives training and development seminars and workshops. SO
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Gone fishing
Contemporary, American 3:49
A father and his son go fishing one day. While fishing, and not really catching anything, they notice a green walnut on a half rotten log in the creek. When a squirrel comes to eat it, it is pulled into the water by a humongous bass. After a while, the bass brings another green walnut and places it on the log.