eBooks For All

eBooks For All

Your Access to eBooks May Be Restricted!

The demand for eBooks at the Pratt Library rose 79% last year. But access to eBooks may soon be severely limited.

Beginning November 1, Macmillan Publishers will only allow public libraries to purchase ONE copy of a new eBook for the first 8 weeks. That’s ONE book for the entire 600,000+ population of Baltimore City!

What Does This Mean for You?

Because libraries help new books find their audience

Fast Facts

Because eBooks let you fit a world of literature in your pocket

Why is This Happening?

Because when libraries have access, readers win

Why is This Important?

Because eBooks expand access for all

How Can You Help?

Because supporting libraries supports readers

Macmillan Publishers
Mr. John Sargent, CEO
120 Broadway, New York, New York 10271

(800) 221-7945 / press.inquiries@macmillan.com

Visit eBooksForAll.org to sign the Petition from the American Libraries Association

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