About The Library

Using the Events Calendar

Here are some tips to using the Pratt Library's online calendar:

Pratt calendar on a mobile phone

It's Mobile-friendly

Check out the calendar on a smartphone or tablet! It doesn't just shrink down to fit; it rearranges the sections for a better mobile viewing experience.

Type a search

In the upper right, type in a search for an event or place. Type "poet" or "craft" for quick results finding anything with that word or phrase.

type a search term in the calendar

Also, since the event locations are integrated into the calendar, searching for terms like "Federal Hill", "Reservoir Hill", or "Highlandtown" will bring up your neighborhood library without needing to know its official branch name.

Pick a Day

On the green month grid, you can jump right to the day when you'll be visiting.

List switcher

The orange and red buttons below the "Featured Events at Pratt" offer quick access to a few of our top categories, without leaving the page. The "upcoming" one simply sets it back to all events by what's upcoming next.
 calendar list switcher - free movies highlighted

Find events by Age Group or Event Type

Go straight to the types of events that are best suited for you or your family under "Age Group", and narrow them down from there.

"Event Types" show everything coming up in a certain category so you can see more of the same kind. The lists are condensed on the main page, but you can expend them to see the rest.

More Dates Through...

'more dates through...' expands to show more

Many events have more than one chance to go. If you notice a little link saying "More dates through..." next to the date, click to expand the list of dates and times at that location.

Too many repeats?

Hide Recurring Events checkboxThis calendar shows everything that's happening on a given day, without hiding anything. If you get tired of seeing daily repeating events as for a daily drop-in event or exhibit, simple check off "Hide Recurring Events."

"I'm Going" - save to your own private list of events

Click the "I'm Going" buttons to add events to your own personal plans. If you choose to create a calendar account using your email, or log in using your Facebook account, you'll see a link for "My Plans" which lists all the events that you've said you're going to.

Share and Subscribe

Share and SubscribeOn any event, use the"Share" icons to send by email, bookmark it in your browser, print it out; or share on Facebook, Twitter, and many more social networking apps.

Choose an icon under "Subscribe" to pop the event info right into your own digital calendar, if you're using Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.

If you've searched for filtered set of results by age, type, or location, look for the orange "Subscribe to These Results" box to get more of that type in your calendar or RSS feed.

The listings you subscribe to are "live", meaning that if if an event is cancelled or changes dates, that will be reflected in your own calendar as well. 

Get social: see who's going, who went, share photos & invite friends

There's a space in each event for People Going, and Photos under Recent Activity. If you'd like to share what you're doing or photos from our events and exhibits, please do. Another social option above "People Going" is "Invite Friends." We hope that you do!