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CityLit Press and the World of Publishing

CityLit PressLaunched by CityLit Project in 2010, CityLit Press publishes quality books often overlooked by larger publishers due to their regional focus or literary nature. In two years, the press has released five individual titles, three chapbooks under its Harriss Poetry Prize series, and four specialty books as part of CityLit Project's youth programming. Although the publishing business is undergoing unprecedented changes, and reading hhabits fluctuate, CityLit Press is dedicated to championing the art and voice of creative writers.

Join local authors of CityLit Press -- Jen Michalski, Laura Shovan, Leonora "Peachy" Dixon, Bruce Sager, Jennifer Wallace, and Neil Didriksen -- and publisher Gregg Wilhelm as they share their wonderful literary art and discuss the dynamic state of publishing.


Recorded On: Thursday, October 18, 2012