Summer Challenge Activity List for School-age kids

June 12–August 14, 2019

  1. Pick any activity from the list.
  2. Spend at least 15 minutes on the activity.
  3. In your log, write the letter for the activity on the date you completed it.
  4. Repeat daily.


Library & Community

  1. Sign up for the Summer Challenge.
  2. Go to a library program.
  3. Tell the children’s librarian about a book you read.
  4. Go to a museum, park, concert or show, community garden, or neighborhood block party.
  5. Help a neighbor with a chore or task.
  6. Ask your family or a neighbor to tell you a story about your community.
  7. Play a board game with your friends or family.


  1. Read a biography of an astronaut.
  2. Make a list of space words. (orbit, moon,etc.)
  3. Read a nonfiction (true) book about stars and constellations or the phases of the moon.
  4. Listen to someone else read a book or listen to an audiobook.
  5. Read a bilingual book.
  6. Read a comic book or graphic novel.
  7. Download an ebook or e-audiobook.
  8. Read anything you choose.


  1. Do a science project or experiment.
  2. Build a rocket or model of the planets from recyclables or household items.
  3. Make a calendar of the phases of the moon.
  4. Use star stickers (or draw your own) to make a constellation.
  5. Make your own playdough or slime.
  6. Design your own game.
  7. Plant a seed with a friend and/or family member.


  1. Make a clay model of a space alien.
  2. Draw a new cover for your favorite book.
  3. Perform your own play, musical, or puppet show.
  4. Read or write a poem or song lyrics.
  5. Write or tell a story.
  6. Draw a picture of your house or another building in your neighborhood.
  7. Make up and draw your own planet.

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