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Location Closure The Forest Park Branch is closed for renovations. The Washington Village Branch is closed for facility maintenance. The Walbrook Branch is closed for HVAC repairs.

Organizational Culture

The Library provides staff and leadership development programs, particularly related to equity and inclusion for both staff and customers, creating an internal culture of equitable and excellent service to Baltimore City.

Black Lives Matter logo with protest photo background

Our Equity Statement avows a commitment to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion

diverse children reading together

Offering ongoing social justice reading recommendations and activities for all ages


  1. Create an internal structure that helps all employees address equity and inclusion issues and fosters positive relationships, trust, and understanding among leadership and all staff.

  2. Renew an organizational focus on customer service through training that addresses the needs of all residents in Baltimore City.

  3. Provide ongoing and continuous training that focuses on equity and inclusion.

  4. Evaluate job descriptions, roles, and classifications to identify new competencies the Library will need in the future, and develop methods to obtain those skill sets that reach beyond traditional educational pathways and requirements.

  5. Provide avenues for professional growth and development and for continuous learning and support for all staff of the Library.

Fiscal Year 2021 Progress Report

In FY21, the Library is preparing our workforce for future growth and opportunities though an internal culture of equitable, inclusive, and excellent service to Baltimore City.


Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) training was given to the DEI Council to give them better understanding of the impact and importance of laws that guide all employee actions and policy.

In response to the COVID pandemic, job duties and responsibilities were changed to support safety protocols. Flexible work schedules were created to alleviate any disruption to library operations, and telework and virtual job tasks were identified for future needs.


  • The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion council was created to continue equitable staff development, engage the community, and continue conversations about the fight against systemic racism.
  • The Pratt became the first City agency to implement Elijah Cummings Healing Cities Act trauma-informed training.
Pratt staff with a rainbow LGBTQ Pride Pratt logo sign in the book stacks

Pratt pride: staff member on the DEI council with an LGBTQ+ rainbow library logo in the stacks

Maryland Libraries staff training video: dismantling institutional racism

Training opportunities for staff include videos like Dismantling Institutional Racism in Libraries


The Library is in the early stages of completing this goal.

In FY 2022/2023, the Library will focus on trauma informed responsiveness learning implementation, as well as creating and enacting an organizational DEI framework and action plan, customer service support plan, and cross-departmental innovation framework and process.

Q4 FY2022 Snapshot

FY22 Q4 Snapshot of Goal 5: Equitable Staff Development - orange infographic

Snapshot of Organizational Culture progress as of June 30, 2022

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Enoch Pratt Free Library stands with our city and our community in the fight against systemic racism.