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Location Closure The Forest Park Branch is closed for renovations. The Washington Village Branch is closed for facility maintenance. The Walbrook Branch is closed for HVAC repairs.

Community Engagement & Communications

Through community engagement, the Library uses new and existing methods to increase public awareness in Baltimore about the collections, programs, services, and resources available at the Pratt.

Zoom cooking demo with Crystal Foreman for Pratt Library, showing Afro-Vegan cookbook

Online healthy cooking demo with a local chef for Pratt Test Kitchen

Altar making with artesanas - facebook event for Dia de los Muertos

Altar making program celebrating Dia de los Muertos with local artisans

  1. Continue to move toward data-driven, action-oriented approaches to communicating with customers.

  2. Create deeper engagement with existing library cardholders and encourage greater library usage, including collection use, and increase retention rates.

  3. Work to engage non-users through data, partnerships, and other qualitative and quantitative means to identify and respond to community needs and aspirations.

  4. Use more fully to provide needed services and communication through this virtual setting, recognizing that many customers are solely digital users.

  5. Educate and encourage Library leadership, board members, staff, community leaders, customers, and donors to serve as ambassadors and advocates for the Library.

Fiscal Year 2021 Progress Report

In FY21, the Pratt is working towards engaging the community and increasing public awareness.


In alignment with the goal to engage the community, the Library has used data-driven, action-oriented approaches to communicate with customers, and worked to create deeper engagement with existing library users.

The Library has also worked to engage non-users through a variety of channels and worked with stakeholders to serve as ambassadors and advocates for the Library.

Pratt website - homepage collage from screeengrabs, 2020

The newly reorganized and redesigned Pratt Library website, August 2020

customers testimonials - quotes in hearts from the Compass newsletter

Customer testimonials from email surveys, sharing their library love


  • Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Pratt eCard holders has significantly increased from around 6,000 to over 32,000.
  • In August 2020 the Pratt successfully launched the new Pratt Library website, redesigned and restructured for better user experience.
  • In FY21 Pratt librarians made more than 6,300 wellness calls, reaching out to check on active Library customers.
  • The Pratt has launched several initiatives to re-engaged lapsed cardholders and engage new customers.
  • Donor communications have been expanded to educate and connect donors to the work of the Library. 


The Library is midway through the completion of this goal.

In FY 2022/2023, the Library will focus on reaching re-engaging cardholders, increasing email communication and engagement with current cardholders, and getting more data about lapsed cardholders to inform Library leadership decisions.

Q4 FY2022 Snapshot

Q4 FY2022 Goal 3 Community Engagement - purple infographic

Snapshot of Community Engagement & Communications progress as of June 30, 2022

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