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Literary Deductions Online Challenge: Sherlock Charades

The Adult Summer Reading Challenge is complete.

Sherlock Charades
Each week a Sherlock Charade video was posted, and astute readers used their powers of deduction to solve the 9 book titles being pantomimed.

A special luncheon with Dr. Carla Hayden will be awarded to randomly chosen people from the pool of participants who answer the charade book titles correctly.  The lucky winner will be notified by email or telephone.

The correct answers were:

Week 1 -- The Book Thief
Week 2 -- The Big Sleep
Week 3 -- Little Women
Week 4 -- Eat Pray Love
Week 5 -- Running With Scissors
Week 6 -- Angels & Demons
Week 7 -- Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Week 8 -- Water for Elephants
Week 9 -- Catch-22
Week 9:


Week 8:


Week 7:



Week 6:


Week 5:


Week 4:


Week 3:


Week 2:


Week 1:


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