Tax Sale and Tax Foreclosure

Baltimore City Resource Guide for Tax Sale and Tax Foreclosure

Property Tax Bill Information
Property Tax Credits
Utility Bills & Assistance
Other City Citations that Create Property Liens
Assistance with Public Benefits & Alternative Housing Options
Housing Counseling
Legal Resources
Assistance with Repairs and Weatherization

 Maryland Counties Tax Sale Information

Tax Sale Facts
  • City mails final bills and legal notices on February 2, 2017 
  • Last day to pay overdue bills is: APRIL 28, 2017
  • Tax Sale Occurs on: May 15, 2017
  • $750 in unpaid City bills can put a homeowner in tax sale. City bills include but are not limited to property taxes, water and sewer bills, and citations from the Environmental Control Board. 

What can a homeowner do?

Call numbers below to find out if you have unpaid bills and how much you owe: 

  • Department of Finance (property taxes) 410-396-3987
  • Department of Public Works (water and sewer bills) 410-396-5398
  • Environmental Control Board (citations) 410-396-6909

** If you don’t reduce total amount of all unpaid City bills below $750 before APRIL 28, 2017, your property may go to tax sale

If your unpaid bills are purchased at the tax sale auction: 

  • You may arrange payment by contacting the Baltimore City Department of Finance at 410-396-3987
  • It does NOT mean that someone has purchased your property
  • It means that someone has paid your City bills and you are now obligated to pay that person

** It is important that you pay that person as quickly as possible to avoid additional fees and interest payments.

Baltimore City Resource Guide for Tax Sale and Tax Foreclosure Assistance

Reduce your bills, Apply for Benefits:
Community Action Partnership Centers - screen for benefits; apply for energy assistance
410-396-6084 Northern Community Action Center
410-545-6518 Southeast Community Action Center
410-545-0136 Eastern Community Action Center
410-984-1384 Northwest Community Action Center
410-545-0900 Southern Community Action Center

410-396-2273 (Maryland Access Point – seniors; screen, apply for benefits)
443-470-9871 (HUBS Program – seniors; home repairs and weatherization)
211 (United Way – for help applying for Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit

Contact FREE Legal and Counseling Services:
410-547-6537 (Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service)
800-999-8904 (Legal Aid Bureau)
410-327-1200 ext. 104 (Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore)
410-366-8550 (Saint Ambrose Housing Aid Center)
410-342-3234 (Southeast Community Development Corporation)
410-396-1322 (Senior Legal Services)

Property Tax Bill Information
Baltimore City Department of Finance
Abel Wolman Municipal Building
200 Holiday Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
For questions about the status of a property tax bill.
For information about this year’s tax sale you can also visit BidBaltimore. (It is free to create a username and password.)

Property Tax Credits 
HomesteadTax Credit 
The Homestead Tax Credit gives you a credit on your taxes if your house assessment increases by more than 4% in one year. Applying for the Homestead Credit also makes you eligible for other credits like the Mayor’s Targeted Homeowner’s Tax Credit (The 20 Cents by 2020 Program). You only need to apply once.

The Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit 
Homeowners who are income eligible based on a sliding scale can get a credit towards their property taxes. To get this credit you need to fill out the application every year by September 1. (New homeowners can apply at any time of the year). (Those 70 & older can apply retroactively).

Veterans Property Tax Exemption 
Veterans who are determined 100% disabled by the VA and the unmarried spouses of military members who were killed in the line of duty are eligible for a full property tax exemption.

Partial Tax Exemption for Blind Persons 
Individuals who have permanent impairment of both eyes as determined by a medical doctor are eligible for a $15,000 reduction in the assessment of the property.

Exemption for Home Improvements for Health or Medical Conditions 
An improvement to a property for health or medical conditions cannot be assessed for tax purposes as long as it is less than 10% of the value of the property.

Utility Bills & Assistance 
Department of Public Works (Water Bill Issues)
Abel Wolman Municipal Building
200 Holiday Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
For incorrect water bills, or leaks, call DPW to schedule a turn-on/turn-off test to see if there is a leak. If issue is not resolved, request a meter test. If issue is still unresolved, request an appeal/informal conference.

Senior Citizens Water Discount
The Senior Citizen’s Water Discount program provides a 43% discount on water and sewer usage charges for seniors 65 and over. Applicants must own the home or have a lease in their name and have a household income of $30,000 or less. Account holders must apply every year. You need to complete an application and mail it to: 

Bureau of Water and Wastewater
Customer Support and Services Division 
200 Holliday Street, Room 404 
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Low Income Water Assistance Program 
Income eligible households that are not on a water payment plan are eligible for a credit of $197. You can apply at one of the Baltimore Community Action Centers.

Hardship Exemption from Stormwater and Bay Restoration Fees
Homeowners who receive public assistance, VA benefits, or social security disability benefits and are income eligible may be exempt from stormwater or bay restoration fees. Homeowners must apply every year.

Medical Hardship 
Households that need water due to a serious medical illness or life support equipment can avoid water turnoff by getting certification from a licensed physician.

For information about assistance paying an electric/gas bill or assistance with the homeowner’s property tax credit, call 211.

Baltimore City Housing Department LIGHT Program 
For information about housing repairs to help address high water bills, energy efficiency issues, or other housing related problems. Apply through the HUBS program or a Community Action Center.

Other City Citations that Create Property Liens 
Baltimore City Environmental Control Board
200 E. Lexington Street Court Square Building, Suite 100
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Phone: (410) 396-6909
For information about citations received from the city for housing code and environmental violations.

Assistance with Public Benefits & Alternative Housing Options

Maryland Access Point 
For information about housing options for seniors or people with disabilities.

For households facing homelessness or help with the homeowners property tax credit. You can also get information at the Mayor's Office of Human Services.

Community Action Centers 
Information about public benefits and programs. Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Southeast Community Action Center: 410-545-6510
Eastern Community Action Center: 410-545-0136
Northwest Community Action Center: 443-984-1384
Southern Community Action Center: 410-545-0900
Northern Community Action Center: 410-396-6084

Housing Counseling 
Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore 
410-327-1200 ext. 104
25 E. 20th Street, Suite 170
Baltimore, MD 21218
For a free housing counselor who can assist Baltimore residents with a mortgage who are facing tax sale. NHS also has a small loan program for eligible clients facing tax sale who have an ability to repay. NHS also has a staff person dedicated to assisting homeowners without mortgages pay their water and tax bill and assisting them with options during the months of April- June.

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center 
321 E. 25th Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
For a free housing counselor who can assist Baltimore residents with a mortgage who are facing tax sale.

Southeast Community Development Corporation 
3323 Eastern Ave., #200
Baltimore, MD 21224
For a free housing counselor who can assist Baltimore residents with a mortgage who are facing tax sale.

Guidewell Financial Solutions 
757 Frederick Rd
Baltimore, MD 21228
For a free housing counselor who can assist Baltimore residents with a mortgage who are facing tax sale.

Druid Heights Community Development Corporation Inc.
2140 McCulloh Street
Baltimore, MD 21217
For a free housing counselor who can assist Baltimore residents with a mortgage who are facing tax sale.

Park Heights Renaissance
3939 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, MD 21215
For a free housing counselor who can assist Baltimore residents with a mortgage who are facing tax sale.

Legal Resources 

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS)
For free legal assistance with a tax sale or tax foreclosure matter or deed/estate issue for income eligible clients. (Also assists clients with other civil legal issues).

Legal Aid Bureau 
For free legal assistance with a tax sale matter for income eligible clients. (Also assists clients with other civil legal issues).

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center 
For free legal assistance with a tax sale matter for income eligible clients. (Clients must reside in Baltimore City or Baltimore, Howard, Harford, or Anne Arundel Counties).

Civil Justice 
520 W. Fayette St. Suite 410
Baltimore, MD 21201
Homeowners who do not qualify for free legal assistance may be able to get low cost legal assistance through Civil Justice

Maryland Attorney General’s Office Consumer Hotline
For complaints about reverse mortgage fraud or other types of consumer fraud.

Public Justice Center 
For free legal assistance to tenants of properties in tax sale foreclosure.

Community Law Center 
For free legal services to nonprofit developers facing tax foreclosure issues and/or interested in acquiring properties through tax sale foreclosure.

Tax Sale Prevention Website 
For information about the tax sale process, your rights and resources.

Assistance with Repairs and Weatherization 
Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors (HUBS)
Referral Line: 443-470-9871
A program of Civic Works, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, and Rebuilding Together Baltimore

  • Serves 65 years of age and older
  • Must be a Baltimore City resident
  • Monthly income must be 80% of the Baltimore Metro area median income or below.

Provides application assistance for older adults to determine home improvements that will make their houses healthier, safer, and more energy efficient. Social Workers based at five sites throughout Baltimore City coordinate home repair efforts and screen clients for additional benefits. To determine eligibility, please call the HUBS Coordinator at Civic Works. 

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