Summer Reading for Teens

Teen Summer Reading: Unmask! Original artwork by Aishwarya Shettigar
Any teen reader, going into grades 6-12
A free program that gives you prizes just for reading
June 6-August 8, 2015
All Enoch Pratt Free Library locations
Read good books, win prizes, and Read Down Your Fines


Go to your local library and ask to sign up for the Summer Reading program. When you register, you'll have the option to pick one of three FREE books:El Deafoby Cece Bell
(graphic novel/ Tween), Pinned by Sharon Flake and Maze Runner by James Dashner (for teens) while supplies last.

You'll leave with your new book, a free drawstring bag, a bookmark with reading suggestions, and a reading log to record what you read.

teen sign-up gifts: free books, drawstring bag, and "Unmask" reading log

All prizes and giveaways are only available while supplies last.

Many schools and camps participate in the library summer reading program as part of their activities. Check to see if your group is already participating.

Bring a friend or family members! Summer Reading is for all ages, from birth on up.

Read, Play, and Participate

This year, you have several ways to participate:

Fill in the bubbles with the books you've read and other activities on your “Unmask” tracker. Go back to the library to get a prize. Once you have completed the 16 bubbles in blue and red you get a T-shirt and an entry to win a $50 gift card!

What to read?

Pick one the 3 books above, use the Unmask bookmark or ask the librarian for suggestions. Read what you like, in whatever form you like. (Printed book, eBook, graphic novel, audio book, etc.)

If you have any questions, ask your librarian!

Free Summer Programs

Watch for fun free events at the library all summer long. Participation in two events will count as one book read for Summer Reading.

Collect prizes

Sample prizes for completing 8 bubbles (4 for reading activities) include a USB drive, mini flashlight, journal, earbuds in a carrying case, and bracelet.

USB drive, mini flashlight, journal, earbuds in a carrying case, and bracelet

Sample prizes for completing 16 bubbles include a certificate of completion, party invitation, Unmask! T-shirt, and an entry for the $50 gift card raffle.

Unmask T-shirts and a gift card raffle

All teens who reach their reading goal of reading at least 8 books during Summer Reading will be entered in a raffle to win a set of tickets to an Orioles game!

raffle for Orioles tickets

All prizes and giveaways are only available while supplies last.

Teen Summer Reading Weekly Hero Games

Print these yourself to bring in, or complete them at the library:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Summer Reading Program, anyway?

Simply put, the Summer Reading Program is a way to encourage everyone to read all summer long. As an extra incentive, you can even earn prizes along the way for the reading that you do! Kids are at a particular risk of losing some of the knowledge they gained during the school year if they don’t read during the summer months. This program can help make sure they’re on track when they head back to school!

Is the Summer Reading Program a camp where I can bring my child?

No. The Summer Reading Program is designed to encourage independent reading. Kids can keep track of the reading that they do at home, at the library, anywhere, and in turn, they can earn prizes.

Is the Summer Reading Program only for kids?

No! Everyone ages birth and up can participate. There’s a program for kids, teens, and adults with different rules and prizes for each. We consider kids to be from birth to entering 5th grade in the fall. Teens are entering 6th through 12th grade. The adult program includes everyone else.

How much does the Summer Reading Program cost?

It’s free!

Where and how do I sign up?

Stop by any Pratt location beginning June 6 to get started. We’ll get you everything you need keep track of your reading.

How can I earn prizes?

Each of our programs works a little bit differently. For detailed information, you can click on the page for kids, teens, or adults. Basically, you’ll keep track of your reading either in a log if you’re a kid or teen, or by filling out an entry slip if you’re an adult. Along the way, you’ll be eligible for prizes and raffles.

Who keeps track of how much I read?

You do! The Summer Reading Program is driven by you. The more you read, the more opportunities you have to earn prizes. All you’ll do is check in your reading at your local library to be eligible.

When does the program start and end?

The program starts Saturday, June 6 and ends Saturday, August 8.

Summer Reading for Everyone!

reading robotPratt Library's Summer Reading program is for all ages.

See details for kids - teens - adults

Look at how many teens have already signed up: 1322
How many books they have read: 8747
And how many people have already read 8 books this summer: 347