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Baba Jamal

Baba Jamal Koram is a storyteller in the African American Griotic Traditions. He is a dedicated practioner and teacher of the spoken word arts and is a respected leader in the world of storytelling. Baba Jamal is a groundbreaking storyteller, educator, folk drummer and organizer. He is a past president of the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. and is a recipient of its Zora Neale Hurston award. Called a "storyteller’s storyteller", he continues to travel across the nation sharing his stories and his presence with thousands of school children and their families. He holds the B.A., M.S. and Ed.S. degrees, and is married and the proud father of children, grand children, and god children.

This master storyteller uses his stories to inspire, encourage, and to uplift the positive growth of our children and in our communities. He has said:

“My South Carolina great grandmother Mary would say to her grandchildren, “Bring me a cool glass of water, and I’ll tell you a story. Then she would proceed to tell them one of those traditional African American Gullah stories, about Bruh Rabbit or one of the many folkloric characters... I follow in her spoken word tradition...Call me if you have a cool glass of spring water.”

Baba Jamal Koram
Contact information:
 127 So. Fairfax St. 338, Alexandria, VA 22305
(703) 684-8587 

Stories told by Baba Jamal:

Suunjata: The Lion King of Mali
African 4:1 minutes
Adult expectations and confidence can lead to great feats by our young.

The Little Cornbread Man
African American 6:14 minutes
We must all use our wisdom and do our best in whatever we attempt. Sometimes we need to slow down.

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