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Maurine Nichols is an Ocoee River storyteller from Cleveland, Tennessee. Her original and traditional stories are aimed at youth and adults. She performs at reunions, parties, religious and secular events, and storytelling festivals. Maurine Nichols.jpg
Contact information:
108 Redspire Way NE
Cleveland, TN 37312-4782
Telephone: 423-479-2476

Stories told by Maurine:

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Contemporary American 4:28 minutes

Adapted from “The Farmer and the Cranes” Aesop’s fable.

When a new family moved into her neighborhood, Cecilia, a wonderful and very prompt teenager started to hang out with the same age, but less perfect children of those people, Toby and Cassie. One day Toby suggested to skip school and head down to the mall. Cecilia enthusiastically agreed. The next day she borrowed a car from her mom and all three of them slipped out of school. They headed to the mall……