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Batt Burns, a seanachie (storyteller) in the old Irish tradition, was a former school principal and author in Ireland before becoming a full time storyteller in the USA. Steeped in Irish wit and humor he has been featured at all of the major Storytelling Festivals in the USA and many campuses including Harvard, Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Kent State, where he was resident storyteller in 1995. He was featured at The Kennedy Center in 2002. He directs teacher workshops and does school assemblies. Batt Burns
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Stories told by Batt:

Leprechaun's Trick
Irish 3:5 minutes
The old farmer really wants that pot of gold, but leprechauns are known for outsmarting people.

The King with the Horse's Ears
Irish 4:57 minutes
Is the handsome king actually very funny looking? His barber knows his big secret.